Termed as one of the cleanest places in the world, Singapore is a small place with a lot to offer. Those who have explored this city have immediately fallen in love with all its beautiful features. From delectable cuisine to a thriving nightlife; Singapore is one of those places you have to visit. Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, it is also home to clean beaches, rustic spaces, and much more.

Delectable Dishes

For a small island-state, Singapore has a variety of restaurants serving signature Singaporean food. Food is an essential part of the city sand; that is why it is thriving with restaurants. If you want a more immersive experience with food, head over to Chinatown where you will meet several best ranges of foods on offer in town. It is as vibrant as it is tasty with many local chefs in outdoor places serving delicious food at affordable prices.

Cultural Diversity

Singapore is a culturally, and religiously diverse place thanks to the rich heritage and influences. To start, the island has four official languages; English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin. You can learn commonly used phrases through interactions with friendly locals. Singapore also celebrates many national holidays thanks to the different religions residing there. If you time your trip right, you could experience these charming and immersive festivals and celebrations. Visitors can also tour different majestic places of worship.

Thrilling Nightlife

A thrilling night on the town is hard to say not to when you are visiting Singapore. One of the best attractions of this island is the exciting nightlife thanks to some favorite bars and night shows. You can start your interactive night with the locals at the top of the world’s tallest infinity pool, where you will sip signature cocktails while enjoying a breathtaking view of the city. You can also head over to bars with stunning city views, and if you are not too tired, you can catch an impressive fire dancing night show.

The Singapore Zoo

This zoo is famous for its ‘open’ captivity design where animals are kept in large enclosures that are surrounded by moats or other non-intrusive barriers. It is a unique and thrilling way to experience wildlife, and best of all, you can get around easily without disrupting the animals. The park offers unique methods of getting around, including trams, charming boat rides, and romantic horse carriages.

Outdoor Attractions

Finally, be sure to take in Singapore for all its outdoor attractions starting with the diverse architecture. From the colonial-era Raffles Hotel to the futuristic condos of the big city, Singapore is rich in architectural diversity. With a proper guide, you are sure to spot unbelievable Art-Deco inspired buildings. My friend from Bloomington Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, who loves Art-Deco recommended we vacation in Singapore and we were amazed. Check out his website, if you need your carpets cleaned here: https://bloomingtoncarpetmn.com/. Gardens by the Bay is a must-see in the island as it is dominated by a collection of giant metal vertical gardens that are covered in thousands of species of flora and fauna. The futuristic alien landscape alone is worth the visit. Finally, be sure to visit Haw Par Villa, a former amusement park filled with life-sized sculptures and dioramas showing Chinese mythology; a fun and creative way to learn more about Asian folk stories.…