Belgium is among the smallest countries that are largely populated in Europe.

It is located in Western Europe and it is famous because of its splendid modern and antique towns, preserved old architecture, excellent beer, and it is also important because it serves as the headquarter for the European Union.

Belgium is a place that connects the wonders and charms of the old world with the enhancements of the modern world, culture, and today’s trends.

The old and vintage castles, mansions, museums, cathedrals, amusement parks, and shopping centers add much more value to the country.

If you are planning a trip towards this amazing and beautiful country then this guide is going to be much helpful for you.

It may be difficult to choose the top tourist attractions to visit during your short trip but we have made the process much easier for you.

As we have shortlisted the best places to travel in Belgium during your short trip so that you can enjoy your vacations without facing any sort of hassle.


Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and it is famous for its nightlife and large shopping centers. It is considered as one of the largest hubs in Europe for museums with rich historical relics, palaces, mansions, chapels, and trade.

Brussels is also called the administrative capital of the European Union. It also attracts millions of tourists each year from different parts of the world.

Other factors that add up to the fame of Brussels is the existence of world-class cafes, pubs, restaurants, and shopping malls.

There are different travel destinations in Brussels that help you to plan a day trip with loads of fun.

Some famous tourist attractions in Brussels include the Grand Palace, Atomium, Mini Europe, Mannekin Pis, and the Tintin Museum.

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Bruges: A must-visit for Palaces and Canals

Bruges ranks on the top when it comes to the most stunning tourist attractions in Belgium.

This place is a picture perfect medieval town that is blessed with different historic buildings and lush canals.

The beautiful palaces, chapels, and mansions of Bruges highlight the great history of the Vikings while the arranged network of canals, that is flowing through the whole city has helped Bruges to gain much popularity with the name of “The Venice of the North”.

In Bruges, you can explore the town by traveling on the bicycles, enjoy boating in the canals or taste the Belgian hot chocolate at any one of the main cafes in the market square.

If you are planning a trip towards Belgium then make sure to add this city on your list as well.

The top tourist attractions in Bruges include the Grote Market Square, Belfry Tower, and the Gruuthuse Mansion.